My first Blog

Hi and welcome to my very first blog – the one where I talk a little about myself and my cake journey. 

I’m Parul, mum of three amazing young adults, owner of Silverleaf Cake Company and a self-confessed sugar-addict – I absolutely love anything sweet. Desserts are my first, second and any course in any meal! So it is no surprise that I am on here today. I drink decaff coffee – milk, no sugar and my cocktails and mocktails of choice are usually based around coffee, chocolate or fruits – clearly on the sweet side.

My baking journey started back in 2003 when we randomly moved to Spain – another story for another blog! But basically not having the puddings and cakes that I had grown up with in the UK (mostly outside of the family home), I started experimenting – these desserts were not something we made at home, so there were many trails and disasters – all of which we enjoyed! Thankfully within a couple of years, I had set up my own coffee shop and things just took off from there.

Moving back to the UK life threw other challenges, but I missed that creativity. So I started up the baking again, being sole supplier at a local coffee shop all whilst working full-time in my day job and raising three children in a new town where I knew no-one. Baking through the night was not always ideal with young children, but it was a release, and I absolutely loved it.

I had been making birthday and celebration cakes for some time when I was asked to make my first wedding cake. I had always admired all those cake artists that made beautiful, crisp, edible works of art, but had never thought of doing it myself! I set about learning all things wedding cakes and can honestly say I love every part of the process – the initial chat, the consultation, the design… to the final picture when it is all set up. It’s just so humbling to be a part of someone’s special day and to be able to leave a little magic.