Every occasion made all the more sweeter with a little cake….. from Northamptonshire and beyond

Weddings are a beautiful expression of love and unity, bringing together your nearest and dearest in celebration.  What better way to mark the union than to have an exquisite and edible centerpiece. This is where I come in.  My passion is in working together with my clients to create a statement centerpiece that not only brings joy but also leaves a beautiful lasting impression on their special day.

Creativity and art have been a part of me from a young age – I get that from my dad.  My love for cakes and sweetness developed over the years and so it was only a matter of time for me to marry the two.  I love every aspect of the process – experimenting with recipes, creating new designs, playing with new ideas and how to bring them to life, to sitting with my clients and listening to their stories – putting their love into my creations.